Understand Cloth Diapers

Understand Cloth Diapers

The pocket type cloth diapers manufactured by Doopsis consist of two layers - a moisture-proof outer layer and a soft fleece lining. On the back of the diaper there is a pocket opening – a place for placing moisture-absorbing inserts. On the front of the diaper you will find several lines with snap buttons, they are designed to adjust the size of the diaper!

Snap buttons.

Crotch snap buttons are designed to adjust the size of the diaper. For newborns and smaller babies, snap buttons will need to be in the smallest size position (connecting the upper and lower crotch snap buttons).

In contrast, fully opened crotch snap buttons are more likely to be used for babies who already know how to walk.

Please note that how to button the crotch buttons depends on the baby herself and these recommendations are only a guideline!

In the waist of the diaper you will find two rows of snap buttons. The top row is for adjusting the waist size, while the bottom row is for adjusting the girth of the hips. With these buttons you will adjust how tightly the diapers are sealed! The diaper should be tightly closed, you should be able to freely put a finger between babies legs and diaper.

Moisture-absorbing inserts.

Doopsis offers different types of moisture-absorbing inserts. Just like babies who have different wetting habits, there are also different situations when diapers are used, for example during the day, during walks or for a longer night's sleep. The inserts are varied so that the baby caregivers can choose the solution that suits the situation.

doopsis diapers various inserts - flat diaper, hemp, bamboo

Inserts can and should be combined! For newborns, one insert will certainly suffice, however, as the child grows up, when the volume of pee increases, it may be necessary to use more than one insert.

Bamboo insert - a universal insert that will fit in everyday life.

Long bamboo insert - universal bamboo fabric insert that dries quickly and can be folded exactly as needed in a specific situation. It can be folded in half – folded in this way it will be great for girls, while folded in such a way that the front fabric forms 3 layers, it will be perfect for boys and babies who like to sleep on their stomachs.

Hemp booster - a thin additional insert that will be useful when more absorbency is required.


A new fabric of natural fiber is still full of vegetable oils and sometimes production dust, so it is very important to wash them before using the inserts!


Cloth diapers and inserts are washed like ordinary linen. If there was a hard stool in the diaper, just shake it in the toilet bowl and rinse it with water.

For cloth diapers and inserts it's very important to not use fabric softener as its residue on the fabric fibers drastically reduces absorbency of the fabric.

Cloth diapers should be washed at a temperature of 40 degrees.

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