Want to try cloth diapers but worried about the initial costs? Or maybe you're just overwhelmed with design choices? 

Our Doopsis Mystery Set offers 3 cloth diapers (each with one bamboo insert) - the design will be a delightful surprise for both you and your little one! Plus, this set is available at a special price!

Mystery set
Mystery set
€105,00 €49,99


It's time to treat everyone with an insanely good price for a set of five cloth diapers with inserts! This will be the perfect and incredibly beautiful set to start using cloth diapers!

Doopsis produces its cloth diapers in a small workshop in Latvia and is dedicated to supporting the local economy.

At Doopsis, we're proud to be a socially responsible and environmentally conscious company. Our cloth diapers are made in Europe with the highest quality standards. We're also proud to be a member of the Baltic Sea Impact Network, a transnational network for peer learning between social entrepreneurs from the Baltic Sea region. Additionally, as part of the LIAA Business Incubator incubation (INK) program, we're dedicated to developing our company and team, as well as increasing our resources and knowledge in order to become competitive in the global market and become an exporting company.

Doopsis is committed to supporting local economy by establishing a sewing workshop in Madona County, creating new job opportunities, and utilizing off-cuts from the diaper manufacturing process to create zero-waste products. By choosing Doopsis cloth diapers, customers can not only reduce the ecological footprint of raising a child, but also support local economy and promote sustainable living.

Cloth diapers - easy to use and pretty to look at

Pocket type cloth diaper consists of two layers - moisture-resistant outer layer and soft fleece lining. On the back side of the diapers, you can find a pocket - a place to put in absorbent inserts. On the front you'll find multiple lines of snap buttons which are used to adjust the diaper size!

Doopsis offers multiple types of moisture absorbent inserts. Just as every baby wets the diaper differently, there are various situations for diaper use, for example going for a walk or going to sleep. Inserts are made different so caregivers can choose the appropriate insert for the situation.

Inserts can and should be combined! New-borns will be OK with just one insert, but just as the baby grows, grows the amount of wetness. Therefore, it will be necessary to use more than one insert.

Want to try cloth diapers, but have some questions?

You probably have many questions, maybe even too much to start... Please, don't hesitate to write us! We'll help you and give some advice for cloth diaper purchasing care and lifestyle! Most definitely follow our social network profiles (Instagram, Facebook), where we talk about cloth diaper use and share some wisdom!


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