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Light flow cloth pads

Light flow cloth pads

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Introducing our Small Cloth Pads for light flow, designed to provide you with comfort and peace of mind during your menstrual cycle. These pads are thoughtfully crafted with high-quality materials to ensure your utmost satisfaction.


  • Size: 19cm (7.5 inches) in length, 15cm (6 inches) in width, with a gusset width of 6-7cm (2.4-2.8 inches)
  • Four-layer construction for maximum absorbency and protection
  • Outer layer made of waterproof PUL for leak-proof confidence
  • Two super absorbent layers of bamboo fleece for enhanced absorption
  • Moisture-wicking fleece layer keeps you feeling dry throughout the day
  • Set of 3

Our Small Cloth Pads are perfect for light flow days or as backup for a menstrual cup. With their compact size, they are easy to carry discreetly in your bag or purse, ensuring you're always prepared.

Care Instructions:
  • After use, rinse with cold water to remove any stains
  • Machine wash with like colors using a gentle detergent
  • Do not use fabric softener, as it can affect the absorbency of the pads
  • Air dry to maintain the integrity and longevity of the pads

Make a sustainable choice for your menstrual care routine with our Small Cloth Pads. Experience the comfort, reliability, and environmental benefits of reusable pads. Say goodbye to disposable options and embrace an eco-friendly solution that is gentle on your body and the planet.

Upgrade your period experience today with our Small Cloth Pads. Trustworthy protection and ultimate comfort, all in one reusable pad.
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Evija Ozola - Ozolina
Vēl labāk nekā gaidīts

Lieliski! Materiāls ir vieglāk kopjams, kā citiem maniem ieliktnīšiem. Un uzsūktspēja arī lielāka, gandrīz jau kā paketēm.