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Defective items

Defective items

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Here you will find various doopsis products that in one way or another do not meet our quality requirements. Each product is accompanied by a note of what drawback or "effect" it has. 

Currently available for purchase: 

1. The diaper change mat, soiled during the photo session, can be washed. 

2. Long bamboo insert. Tags and edge trims that are no longer in use. 

3. Bra pads. 1 piece is missing (should be 6 is 5). 

4. Bib, old model. 

5. Diapers. One of the first models, a different type of elastic. The elastics are a bit stiffer than the ones we use now.  

Without the insert!


6. Diapers - flowers. The last one! Nothing "wrong" with it :) Without the insert!

7.  Diapers - blue polka dots. Mysterious spot - might be from the manufacturing process.  Without the insert

8. Nursing pads. Dirty with temporary sewing glue, will wash out after the first wash. Full set - 6 pcs, different designs in each set.

9. Diapers - pink polka dots. Skew seams and asymmetric closures. Without the insert!

10. Diapers - yellow polka dots. Skew seams and asymmetric closures. Without the insert!

11.  Diapers - deer. Asymmetric closures. Without the insert!

12. Diapers - turtle. Asymmetric closures, Mysterious spot - might be from the manufacturing process. Without the insert!

13. Diapers - cat. Asymmetric closures. Without the insert!

14. Diapers - Pink forest. Asymmetric closures. Without the insert!

15. Diapers - Green meadow. Asymmetric closures. Without the insert!

By purchasing these items, you acknowledge and agree that you are purchasing a defective item.

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