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Potty-training pants

Potty-training pants

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There comes a time in every baby's life when diapers have to say "bye-bye!" But this farewell is not always as easy and dry as parents would like... Knowing this, doopsis created training panties for babies who still need extra safety and dryness now and then! Doopsis training panties are soft and very comfortable. They don't have any hard elastics and the moisture-resistant layer is only in the panty crutch, so they don't restrict baby's movements and are thin, comfortable and breathable. The panties are made from cotton knit, with a moisture-resistant PUL layer and one moisture-absorbing bamboo fleece layer sewn into a crutch. 

For what situations doopsis training panties are intended: 


  • During the baby's potty training period, when playing tends to be more important than the potty next to you... 
  • To teach the baby that panties stay wet if they pee. 
  • If elimination communication is used and parents just need extra reassurance and security, for example when travelling. 


Doopsis training panties are NOT intended: 


  • Panties are not a substitute for diapers! Their capacity is insufficient to absorb a "full portion" of urine. 


Our training pants prioritize baby's comfort over complete moisture resistance. Initial testers validated this decision! Babies love these pants even when wet. They offer a snug yet comfy fit without restricting movement. Just note, if there's a "full portion," some moisture might escape. It's all part of the learning process!


Dino designs are made from lighter fabric and will differ from other designs! Functionality is the same. It's just a matter of preferences - lighter or heavier fabric.

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Customer Reviews

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great potty-training pants

great quality, fits well

Eliza Sulaine

Potty training pants are truly amazing. My little girl has even started to try to put them on and take them off herself. And just the perfect amount of absorption for 0 pee puddles around the house if and accident happens. We have 4 of these now, perfect amount!