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Reusable Panty Liners

Reusable Panty Liners

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Upgrade your daily hygiene routine with our eco-friendly and practical Reusable Washable Cloth Liners. Crafted with care, these liners provide a comfortable and worry-free experience throughout the day.

💚Two layers of premium materials for safety and comfort
💚Waterproof barrier for reliable leak and stain protection
💚Luxuriously soft bamboo fleece for exceptional absorbency
💚Moisture-wicking layer for a fresh and dry feeling
💚Slim design for a discreet and secure fit
💚Size: width 16cm/6,3" (6-7cm/ ~2,5" gusset width); length 14cm/~5,5"

Experience the convenience and sustainability of our reusable cloth liners. Perfect for daily use, these liners are meticulously crafted to fit seamlessly into your underwear. Their compact size makes them ideal for travel or carrying in your purse.

Care Instructions:

💚Rinse after use
💚Machine wash with regular laundry
💚Air dry only (avoid dryers)
💚Avoid fabric softeners to protect the waterproof layer

Embrace eco-consciousness without compromising on quality. Incorporate reusable cloth liners into your routine for reduced waste and a greener planet. Upgrade to a more sustainable and comfortable lifestyle today.

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